SF Feathers

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SF Feathers

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SF Feathers is an icon set based on Feather using the SF Symbols format. Import the icon sets in Xcode and use the different icon weights for all your projects.

Why use SF Feathers over a regular icon?

  • The icons scale with your text weight to give a consistent look

  • It's great for accessibility to keep your icons clearly visible

  • You don't have to manually resize icons for every size

Why use SF Feathers over SF Symbols?

SF Symbols can only be used on Apple devices, so if you're working on a cross platform app or want to use your icons on your website as well you can't use Apple's icon set. With SF Feathers you can use them for native iOS/iPad OS/macOS/WatchOS/tvOS apps and you can use the regular Feather icons on your Android or Web version to keep a consistent style across all of your platforms.

Import the icons in Xcode

Drag the .svg file for the icon you want to use in your project into the Xcode asset catalogue. It will automatically detect the icon set and will preview all available sizes and weights.

Important: this set uses version 3 of SF Symbols to take full advantage of the hierarchical and palette rendering modes. These can only be used on iOS 15, but you can still use the icons on older iOS version. If you want to use version 2 of SF Symbols, import and export the icons in the SF Symbols Mac app to version 2.

Example of the icon set in Xcode

How to use the icon in my project?

Use the image like any other image with UIImage(named: "icon-name")

More info on how to use SFSymbols and how to customise them:

View the icons in the preview app

Download the preview app


You can also preview the icons in the SF Symbols Mac app. Just drag the .svg file into it and you can change the colors, rendering modes, weights and sizes.

Anything wrong with the icon set or need help?

Send me a message twitter.com/nielsboey

I want this!

You'll get all Feather icons in SF Symbol format for Xcode.

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